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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Device Management is an easy way to manage

It is a solution used to manage individual devices in an integrated manner.

"For example

There are 30 devices that want to install the app.

30 devices, one by one.. Select 30 apps from the web management page using the MDM solution to send an app installation signal and connect to the network 

Allows device administrators to target device usage, allowing device users to limit their behavior when they work.

"For example

There are apps that the device user doesn't need, so when you try to delete them from the device

You can set and restrict "policies" to prevent device administrators from deleting apps in advance.

We can also restrict the device user from installing the app."

You can set a number of additional restrictions. 

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) device registration program is a

If you have signed up for Apple Business Manager (ABM),

It is a program that registers devices purchased from resellers with ABMs that customers have subscribed to.

Afterwards, the customer can check or manage the purchased device on ABM.