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What is MeerkatMDM?

Introducing MeerkatMDM, developed by BeyondTech
- a leading expert in Apple technology.

BeyondTech, which started with a new era in January 2000, is an IT Professional Services Company that has contributed to the convenience of Korean users by providing Korean localization, S/W development, sales and technical support services as Apple's partner for more than 20 years in Korea. As a leading Apple partner in education, enterprise, and premium secondhand markets, we are constantly innovating to create customer value. This is “MeerkatMDM”, an MDM created by BeyondTech, the best Apple expert.

Experience the seamless integration of MeerkatMDM
with Apple technology

  • Apple Business ManagerBenefit

    Free service / Bulk App Purchase
    / Enterprise-owned devices

  • MeerkatMDMBenefit

    Remote device settings / Policy monitoring
    / App deployment and management

  • ABM + MeerkatMDMBenefit

    Automatic device management / Remote device Initialization / Activation unlock

- Automatically deploy desired settings on purchased devices without any manual process
- Esasily enhance security
- Remotely manage and update deployed devices

Experience the powerful impact of
MeerkatMDM with ABM

ABM + MeerkatMDM
By building to work Apple Business Manager (ABM) and MeerkatMDM together,
organizations can innovatively improve the work for device adoption, configuration, and user deployment.
With MeerkatMDM
We have established organizational requirements that enable you to configure devices to meet your business needs swiftly and seamlessly, all while maintaining enhanced security.

Flexible Deployment Options with MeerkatMDM

MeerkatMDM is a customizable solution that can be tailored to meet
the specific needs of your organization.
- Korean language pack support
- Flexible and scalable deployment
- Easy-to-use user interface
- Simple and intuitive UI to improve work efficiency
- Support available during standard working hours in Korea

Key features of MeerkatMDM

Device management


Use of Cameras / Screen Capture
Login Account
Use of iCloud Services
Download and Play Media Contents

Application management


In-house app distribution
Customized app distribution
Monitoring distribution status
VPP app distribution and collection

Enterprise devices

Working seamlessly with ABM

No deletion of user management profile
Device assignment App
Bulk App purchase support
Zero Touch deployment

Lost Device Management


Remote Wipe
Remote activation lock
Lock device screen
Password policy