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Educational MDM soultion developed by Apple experts at BeyondTech.

With 20 years of experience in developing software for Apple platforms under the belt, BeyondTech's MeerkatMDM
the responsive optimal solution tailored to the needs of schools and educational institutions, will enrichen school's educational environment.

Key feature of MeerkatMDM for Education

  • Schools and Educational Institutions

    - App management for Schools (Institutions)
    - Device password and lost device management
    - ZeroTouch deployment policy management

  • App (Application)

    - App deployment to bulk devices
    -One-Click deployment

  • Profiles (Feature Restriction)

    - Compliance with school device policies
    - Device features, game apps, site restrictions

Schools and educational institutions can use MeerkatMDM to remotely manage mobile device control, restrictions, app deployment, device updates, and more.
MeerkatMDM works with Apple School Manager to help manage Apple mobile devices in an optimal environment.

How MeerkatMDM works with ASM

ASM + MeerkatMDM
Apple School Manager (ASM) and MeerkatMDM integration helps
schools revolutionize device adoption, configuration, and user deployment.
With MeerkatMDM
School requirements are pre-set, making device setup for classes quick and easy while maintaining excellent security.

Unlimited possibilities with the
powerful functionality of Meerkat MDM


Learning management with innovative methods


Management of
various educational apps


Remote device management


Flexible deployment

Key features of MeerkatMDM

Device management


App Installation & Uninstall
Login Account
Use of iCloud Services
Download and Play Media Contents

Application management


Device assignment App
Monitoring distribution status
VPP app distribution and collection
In-house app distribution

Education Device

ASM Compatibility

No deletion of user management profile
Device assignment App
Bulk App purchase support
Zero Touch deployment

Lost Device Management


Remote Wipe
Remote activation lock
Lock device screen
Password policy

(Some feature will be supported later, Please contact via 'Customer Support' page for detailed inquiries.)